Aloha kakou! We're glad that you're here! Becoming one of our trusted allies means spreading that warm Aloha our unique chocolates deliver. Allow us the honor of welcoming you into our Ohana by patterning with us. Choconugs will not only create and increase profitability opportunities but will encourage your customers to return as loyal clients. What's the difference between a customer and a client? Aren't they the same? Far from it! A customer randomly frequents your store; a client is someone you will have built a life/long relationship with over time [and is loyal to your brand]. At Choconugs, our products cover the entire spectrum. Not only do we create customers, but we also develop relationships and clients.

Our chocolates are guaranteed "conversation starters" that spark a cascade of questions enabling you and your staff to initiate a fun and meaningful conversation by creating rapport through laughter and joy, keeping them in your store longer than anticipated. The goal of our products is to keep people engaged and coming back for more.

The buzz surrounding cannabis is heavily prevalent on social media. Our chocolates create opportunities for customers to post a product worthy of excitement and delight because of its similar appearance to cannabis (but delicious and unique flavor). This expands the latitude for your business to continually increase an online presence that will attract more potential clients.



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