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TED X Talks Collection

Ted X Cannabis Library

Curated by Choconugs Hawaii

Choconugs aren't just chocolate confections. Yes they do not contain any THC or CBD, but they do contain a movement. Each chocolate is made with the intent to spread a message. You see we've been conditioned to believe that the beautiful plant that our chocolates resemble is harmful when that is just not true. As research has shown Cannabis has a plethora of benefits that far out weigh any harmful effects. Like other consumables too much is bad. Food is a prime example of this as obesity skyrockets in the US, and too much water will lead to your lungs filling up and inevitably drowning. Here is our collection of Ted Talks and other information rich videos that have been personally curated for you.


Parental Struggles with Getting Access to Cannabis 


Funny But True Take on Cannabis Prosecution


Endocannabinoid System Explained by a Doctor