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Chocolate that looks like Bud?

We made this Novelty Candy so that everyone can be a part of the 420 community. Hawaii is a Medicinal state which is one step closer in the direction of where we really want the state to go in, but unfortunately not all of us can legally partake in this relaxing bonding beautiful plant. We created Choconugs so that everyone can have a piece of the fun. Its perfectly legal.

Just a little bit about how Choconugs got started.

Hi Josh here, I'm one of the Cofounders of Choconugs Hawaii along with my wife Lelsey. As the pandemic began to die down we started to go to a couple small gatherings. In the Japanese and other asian cultures it's customary to bring a gift. Being the infantile 20 year old that I was. I decided to bring gag gifts that would bring a smile to everyones faces. It started with some phallic gag gifts like a spicy ahi poke filled cucumber and two rice balls for a predominantly gay themed party. 

I am a 329 card holder in the state of Hawaii so I thought why not make something that looks like buds. So I called up my wife Lesley, (who is our resident culinary expert) and asked if it would be possible to make something that looked like buds. The next day we went grocery shopping. After a few hours of experimentation we finally made it. Chocolate that looked like a real nug of cannabis. Choconugs was Born. We took it to the party and everyone loved it. Not only did it visually resemble cannabis, it also tasted great. The whole bag was gone before the party even started. We launched the site on April 17th. First online sale was submitted on April 19th. On 4/20th, Cannabis day, We gave away free samples on our website. The chocolates crossed the Pacific Ocean safely reaching their destinations without melting, all across the mainland. From New York, to Ohio, too California. Officially starting the company that is now known as Choconugs Hawaii on April 21, 2021.



About Joshua Naito

Josh is the marketing mastermind behind ALL that Choconugs Hawaii is!  His experience comes from years of helping market other local businesses at such a young age. This guy started his entrepreneurial journey at 15 and has explored so many different types of businesses which give him a healthy range of perspectives.  Some may think this is crazy, but entrepreneurs call it experience.

Fast forward to present day- before the birth of Choconugs Hawaii (April 13, 2021) Josh ran a Marketing company which specialized in Real Estate photography (hence why all the photos and videos are on point).  In his spare time Josh likes to read, continue his education with courses, drum up crazy ideas, and eat all the extraordinary food his partner makes.   


About Lesleyanne (Goo) Naito

Lesley is the resident Chef here at Choconugs Hawaii.  Her background in Culinary consists of formal education at Hawaii’s world renown Culinary School- Culinary Institute of the Pacific, selling artisanal cookies online (Bakery Takumi)  to building a trendy food truck (Crodough Hawaii).  Most of her hardcore  kitchen experience came from being a line cook at a restaurant (Rumfire) at one of the most busiest hotels in Waikiki ( Sheraton Waikiki).  

In recent times she is a Real Estate Agent with a passion for cars, motorcycles and donuts.  On her free time she loves creating new menu items for Choconugs Hawaii, hiking, reading, spending time with her family by cooking a nice meal perfectly paired with wine.

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